First Time Applied In Japan: All Toxins Will Vanish Overnight – We Discover How To Make Pads For Detoxification (Instructions)

Pads for detoxification for the first time were applied in Japan. They are placed on the soles before sleeping and in the morning, after removing, you will see that all dangerous toxins which were pulled of because of the pad had darkened it.

These pads are worn on the feet because they help the blood and lymph to circulate better to the rest of the body. Since most people today do not move themselves enough, almost all have poor circulation in the legs, ankles and feet.

The positive effects of these pads are: you will feel less tired, you will not have pain in joints and you will have much less headache.
These pads can be made by you in the following way:

Of ingredients, you need onion and white garlic, water and adhesive gauze as well as socks.

Cut the onion and white garlic in small pieces then add them to the boiling water and let it boil for another ten minutes. After that, leave the mixture to cool for about twenty minutes. Then, put the mixture in the middle of the gauze but do not soak the fabric too much.

Place the pads in the middle of the soles and lie down to sleep. The result which will follow in the morning will surprise you.